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Kraft Foods recalls not expected to affect Belize

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

While two of the major importers of Kraft macaroni and cheese have said that they have not received any of the products currently being recalled by Kraft for suspiscion of contamination, the public is advised to check labels before buying.

Bruce Moore, wholesale manager at Brodies, explained that the company received a letter from the Kraft Foods Group this week, informing them that they have not been shipped any of the products which are being recalled.

Noemi Espat, brand manager for Kraft products at Santiago Castillo Limited, explained that they received word about the recall on Monday and carried out a search of their stores.

“After our checks, we determined that we didn’t have any of the product with the manufacturinfg code that they sent,” Espat said.

She added that apart from San Cas and Brodies, there are other small companies who also import Kraft products as well.

Kraft issued a release this week explaining that the company has voluntarily recalled “242,000 cases of select code dates and manufacturing codes of the original flavor of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner – due to the possibility that some boxes may contain small pieces of metal.”

The number of cases represents millions of single boxes and is limited to only the 7.25­oz. size of the “Original” flavor of boxed dinner with the expiration dates September 18, 2015 through October 11, 2015. The manufacturing code “C2” is located directly below the date on each individual box.

The “C2” refers to a specific production line by which the affected product was made. Kraft further warned that some of these products have also been packaged in multi­-pack units that have a range of different code dates and manufacturing codes on the external packaging (box or shrink­wrap), depending on the package configuration.

The recalled product was shipped to customers in the U.S. and several other countries, excluding Canada.

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