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Kidney Association of Belize holds Health Fair

By Ingrid Fernandez, Staff Reporter

To bring awareness to the public on kidney health issues, the Kidney Association of Belize (KAB) held a Health Fair at the Lion’s Club compound in Belize City on Saturday.

KAB invited the public to test their sugar level, blood level and pressure at during its sixth Anaual Health Fair. Jersha Lennon, Vice President of the KAB stated that by accessing the services, the public can find out if they are in need of kidney treatment.

For healthy people, the fair offers prevention methods on how to maintain healthy body. Various agencies came out to set up their booths and issue information and services.

HECOPAB issued information on diabetes and obesity, Our Lab was out there doing blood testing. The Belize Family Life Association conducted blood testing as well as nurses from the Karl Huener Memorial Hospital (KHMH).

Other agencies included Cleopatra White Health Center, the Belize Diabetes Association, the National Drug Abuse Control Council (NDACC), the Belize Cancer Society and Dialisis de Belice from Orange Walk Town, among others.

Lennon stated that “Tthe fair is important because kidney failure is on the rise in Belize. Every month we are having two to three people die from kidney failure.”

Lennon emphasized that prevention methods such as knowing one’s health status and living a healthy life can prevent renal failure. People who have developed the disease are supported by the KAB, stated Lennon and have medicinal and emotional support available to them.

The public can access services from KAB by contacting cell number 615 6861.

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