KHMH staff get special A&E training

Four members of the Accident and Emergency staff at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital began special A&E training in Wisconsin, USA, this week.

Dr. Rigo Montejo, Dr. Marta Habet, Nurse Shirlee Samuels (Sister) and Nurse Joelito Obligado started participating in high fidelity simulations and close observership with instructors on Monday, as part of the Belize Emergency Medicine Program.

The program is a collaborative effort between the KHMH, the Ministry of Health, and the Medical College of Wisconsin. The program’s goal is to provide advanced training in Emergency Medicine.

The two-year program follows a structured curriculum where certified Emergency Medicine Specialist Doctors and Nurses affiliated with the Medical College of Wisconsin will travel to Belize for three two-week sessions each year. KHMH staff will travel to Wisconsin for one two-week session each year.

“We want to transform the culture of what happens here. This is part of the excitement for us because we have such willing hands that will help us to have the very serious discussions to see and point out all the ugly things that we always hear about…

This is our process to change what we’re doing for people,” explained Dr. Adrian Coye, KHMH, Medical Chief of Staff.
Dr. Mark Bruce, team leader for the Medical College of Wisconsin, said that they are at the beginning of the two-year curriculum, and that they will focus on elevating the status of the speciality of emergency medicine.
The four participants are scheduled to return to Belize on Sunday July 27th.

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