Kathy Esquivel says her reason for resigning was “personal”

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

Kathy Esquivel, the mother of Laura Esquivel-Frampton who resigned last week from the Belize Tourism Board, has denied that her reason for resigning as the Chairperson of the National AIDS Commission had to do with Frampton’s resignation.
Mrs. Esquivel told The Reporter this week that while the media has relegated the resignations as having a direct link to her daughter’s resignation, her reason for stepping away was on a personal note.
Meanwhile, former two-time Prime Minister, Dr. Manuel Esquivel, did not wish to comment on the matter.
He said that enough has been reported on the matter in the media.
Dr. Esquivel was up to the time of his resignation a senior advisor to Prime Minister Dean Barrow.
News of the husband and wife resignations came a few days after Frampton was reportedly forced out of her position by a group of her own staff who had written and signed a letter addressed to the Minister of Tourism.
That letter allegedly threatened that if Frampton was not removed, further action would follow.
Credible sources state, however, that the letter from BTB’s senior managers was never sent to Heredia.
A BTB press release stated that Frampton had resigned for personal reasons.

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