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Kareem Clarke memorial described a success

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

Michelle Leiva, a student of Edward P. Yorke high school in Belize City is the first place winner of the first ever Kareem Clarke essay competition. Leiva’s prize-winning piece was featured during the Kareem Clarke’s first-ever memorial on the occasion of his birthday on Saturday.

Second place went to Kyle Rodriguez of St. John’s College, and Kaylene Sedasey, also of E P Yorke rounded out the top three finishers.

First prize was an Acer brand laptop; second prize was a tablet, and third prize was $500 cash.

The event had a slew of local performers and DJs and drew about 100 persons. It raised about $5,000 in donations to go towards the St. Joseph’s primary school feeding program and the ‘Dara’ Robinson feeding program.

Chairman of the Kareem Clarke Trust Fund, Alexis Milan told his media colleagues that while there were a few technical kinks along the way, the show was a success and the Trust Fund’s executive board plan to make the entity s legally registered one by next year, when it is also expected to be expanded into a bigger event.

Clarke’s close friends in the media formed the Trust Fund after his murder on July sixth of this year. Since then they have held the first of two food drives planned as part of the first year’s event and this memorial. The date for the second food drive has not yet been set.

Kareem Clarke, a popular journalist/announcer at Kremandala, was gunned down as he rode his bicycle on Vernon Street near its approach with the Lakeview bridge. He would have turned 27 on Saturday.

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