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Journalist, Kareem Clarke laid to rest

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

Journalist, Kareem Clarke, 27, was laid to rest on Saturday afternoon following a funeral service at Saint Ignatius Church.

In his eulogy to the Kremandala “poster boy”, as Mose Hyde described him, Hyde said today he was nit going to mourn Clarke’s death, but celebrate his life. He denounced criminals like Clarke’s killers who live by violence.

“Yoh cud shoot ah down; yoh cud bruk ih bones, but Kareem Clarke cannot be destroyed by bullets. …You and a billion others can’t kill Kareem’s spirit”, Hyde said emphatically.

Hyde described the young man as a champion who from childhood loved to read. He said that Clarke grew up without a father; yet he displayed every bit of humility, professionalism, dedication to his work and his family.

Officiating celebrant, Father Noel Leslie, in his homily, consoled the mourners that death is a door that all of us must pass through, and that brcausr we do not knoe how and when we will face that passage, we must be ready.

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