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More arrests made and evidence recovered following home invasion at diplomat’s residence

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

Intensive police investigations into the December third home invasion at the Burrell Boom residence of Lebanese General Consulate, Sarkis Abou Nehra has led to three more arrests.

According to Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster, who commands Eastern Division Rural, a series of searches at four houses in Belize City have yielded the most important piece of evidence – the recording apparatus which captured the intrusion.

“The burglars thought that they disconnected the DVR and realized it was not the DVR they had in their possession, and then they went and they disconnected the DVR and they stole it. Nevertheless we recovered it. It is in good shape. We have already retrieved the footage off it.”

Investigators also retrieved more of the items stolen during the incident and have added three more names to the first list of six defendants.

“We have charged Jerry Buller, 28 years [old], for Abetment to Commit Aggravated Burglary; we have also charged Mark Pitts, 18 years [old], for Handling Stolen Goods and we’ve also charged Paul Jex for Handling Stolen Goods. … We have recovered an assortment of liquor, we recovered two rings that were identified by the Consul’s wife, a necklace…”, Broaster added.

The Abou Nehra’s were on official business in Lebanon when their home came under siege at arpund 8:00 p.m. by eight men who beat the caretaker, raped his wife and left several hours later in Abou Nehra’s Mercedes Benz with ths stolen goods.

Broaster said the invrstigation has been a multi-unit effort of the Police Department, and shared that it was the K-9 unit that found a bag that contained the stolen jewellery.which was recovered. That was excellent work by the K-9.”

Several high-powered guns stolen from the residence are still unaccounted for.

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