Independent parties say “No confidence” in Belize/Guatemala negotiations

By Benjamin Flowers Staff Reporter

The Peoples National Party and the Vision Inspired by the People have stated that they have “no confidence” in Government’s latest attempt at negotiations with Guatemala.
PNP leader, Will Maheia, said Monday that last Thursday’s meeting between Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington and his Guatemalan counterpart, Fernando Carrera, did nothing to further Belize’s standing in the age-old dispute.
Maheia said that the PNP maintains its stance against taking the territorial dispute before International Court of justice.
“We will continue to educate the Belizean populous on the dangers of allowing the court to decide the outcome of Guatemala’s unfounded claim,” Maheia said.
Maheia’s stance, according to VIP’s Chairman Hubert Enriquez, resonates with that of the VIP.
Enriquez explained that his party does not believe that taking the claim to the ICJ will bring a satisfactory outcome for the country.
According to a government press release, the ministers discussed several issues, including the need to continue the dialogue to enable advances in the implementation of the Special Agreement of 2008.
They also discussed ways to create a climate of confidence conducive to the fixing of a date to hold the simultaneous referenda to lead to the International Court of Justice.
On January 23, 2013, GOB had launched its ICJ referendum education campaign, with the intent of holding simultaneous referenda between both countries on October 6.
The movement met strong opposition from activist groups like Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action and BelizeCan.
By March 2013, Guatemala indicated that it wished to withdraw from the referendum; this was later confirmed by Prime Minister Dean Barrow on April 29, 2014.

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