Hon. Lisel Alamilla honored with prestiegeous Whitley award

by Benjamin Flowers


Senator Hon. Lisell Alamilla, the minister of  Forestry, Fisheries, and Sustainable Development, has won the Whitley Award for Inspirational Conservational Leadership.

On Wednesday, May 9, at the Royal Geographical Society in London, Her Royal Highness Princess Anne presented the award to Alamilla for her work in the Ya’axché Conservation Trust, to protect the Mayan Golden Landscape.

Along with the award, Alamilla received a £30,000 grant, sponsored by the William Brake Charitable Trust, and an engraved trophy. She is now a member of the network of past Whitley Award winners.

The Whitley awards have been given out by the Whitley Fund for Nature (WFN) since 1994, when a single winner won £15,000.  It has since become one of the highest honors a conservationist can win.

When informing her of her advancement to the finals in April of this year, David Wallis, the acting director of WFN, said, “Winning a place in the Whitley awards’ shortlists is in itself a major achievement.”

The Whitley foundation states that they “locate and recognise some of the world’s most dynamic conservation leaders and support projects founded on good science, community involvement and pragmatism.”

This is the second year in a row that a Belizean has won an award. Rachael Grahm won the Whitley award in 2011 for the Belize Shark Project. 

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