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High school teacher dismissed for unbecoming behaviour

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

The Teaching Services Commission has dismissed Elito Puc, a teacher from Mopan Technical High School in Benque Viejo Town after it has investigated and is satisfied that an accusation made against Puc in February bore sufficient evidence of inappropriate behaviour towards a male student using his Facebook account.

The Chief Education Officer has also revoked Puc’s teacher’s license, which means he cannot gain employment in any school in Belize.  His name will also be logged in a record of sex offenders so that any institution will be able to know that he has a history of such.

Puc was found guilty of soliciting naked pictures and favours from the boy in exchange for lunch money.  He is allowed 30 days to appeal the decision.  While his career has been tarnished, his criminal record is still unblemished because none of the allegations have so far led to Puc’s arrest.

When the news first broke in February, the school conducted investigations and unearthed a series of detailed messages of the specific sexual acts he told the boy he wanted from him. Included were naked pictures of himself.  Puc also apparently used the student to befriend other male students.  

Since Puc’s dismissal, Minister of Education Patrick Faber has said that the ministry will not tolerate sexual predators and that others who are out there in the system should take this decision against Puc as an example.

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