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Heroin/weed seized in busts in Belize City and Seine Bight

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

An anti-drug operation in Belize City on Monday night yielded 22.5 pounds of heroin in a taxi, while police in Seine Bight village earlier that same day resulted in the discovery of just over four pounds of marijuana.

The seizure in Belize City occurred on the Bel-China Bridge in a taxi car driven at the time by Giovanni Requena, 25, a resident of Belize City.

Police say the heroin was stashed in 12 parcrls in a black bag. They say that further investigations led to the detention of Richard McDonald, 39, a tour guide/operator of Hattieville Village.

Requena and McDonald have been arrested and charged with two counts of ‘possession of controlled drugs with the intent to supply’. 

The weed found in Seine Bight
was in a dump site and was also stashed in a black plastic bag which contained a black jersey shorts.

A further search near the dump site led to another discovery of two more black plastic bags containing weed. The illicit drug was taken to the Placencia police station as “found property”. No one has been linked to this discovery.

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