Health Department investigating case of contaminated bottled water

By Benjamin Flowers
Staff Reporter

The Public Health Department of the Ministry of Health is investigating a case of contaminated bottled water, supplied to San Pedro by Bowen and Bowen Company limited.

Health inspector for San Pedro, Lisa Tillett, confirmed this week that the department was in possession of two of the three bottles, which were found to have black and clear “slimy” substances inside.
“We have sent the sample to the National Water Quality Laboratory for testing and are waiting the results,” Tillett said, “but we have confirmed that the seals on the bottles were intact.”

She added that the investigation revealed that the purchaser who made the complaint bought the bottles from the distributor in San Pedro, and had only been storing them for two weeks when the discovery was made.
Tillett also said that Bowen and Bowen are in possession of the third bottle to do their own testing. h\However, they have made no official report to the ministry.

To date no reports of illness associated with contaminated water have been made.
The Reporter tried to contact the Public Relations Department at Bowen and Bowen for a statement but were informed that the only person who has the authority to make an official statement on the matter was out of office.

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