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Haven House invites you to shine a light on domestic violence

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

Haven-House, a non-profit NGO that provides programs and services for domestic violence survivors, is calling on Belizeans to install a purple light bulb in their home or office during their “Shine Your Light On Domestic Violence” awareness campaign.

The annual campaign is in support of both survivors of domestic violence and in remembrance of those who have lost their lives because of it. As a part of the organization’s fundraising efforts, persons are invited to purchase a purple light bulb from Haven House, so those funds can help the organization to continue offering its services.

Those interested in purchasing a light bulb can call Mindi Pratt, program director at Haven House, at 630-4839. Over the past 23 years, Haven House has offered emergency shelter for women and their children, food, clothing and basic counselling, free of cost, to domestic violence victims.

Data released by the Ministry of Health earlier this year showed that there were 859 reported cases of domestic violence in 2015. The majority of the victims were females aged 25-29 (127 cases), followed by females ages 30-34 (113 cases). There were 132 cases of males reporting domestic violence, the majority of them being aged 35-39.

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