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Haulover Bridge repaired

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

Work to repair the Haulover Bridge took far less time than was anticipated on Thursday night, with traffic halted from 10 p.m to a few minutes past midnight.

The repairs were to weld back angle iron that protect the edges of the precast slabs that form the deck on the bridge.

Reports are that two of the irons broke and had to be re-welded to prevent the concrete from breaking.

Lennox Bradley, the Ministry of Works’ Chief Engineer has said that the public need not be concerned about the structural integrity of the Haulover Bridge and that continuous maintenance work will be carried out to keep the bridge. Bradley added that the Ministry is satisfied with the structural soundness of the bridge.

The Haulover Bridge will have a replacement that ministry engineers say will be constructed closer to the sea. The existing one will be placed elsewhere where traffic is not as busy as its current location.

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