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Happening now: Yasmin Shoman endorsed for PUP in Collet

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Businesswoman, Yasmin Shoman, is being endorsed this evening during a convention on Daker’s Street in the Collet constituency.

Shoman said she has a massive plan of upliftment and job-creation for the residents of Collet. She also pledged to eliminate the London bridges in the area.

Shoman received support from the other standard bearers in the party, including Cordel Hyde, Gilroy Usher, Senators Patrick Andrews and Anthony Sylvestre, Dr Francis Smith, Mayoral candidate Yolanda Schakron, and Area Representatives Dolores Balderamos Garcia, Former Prime Minister Said Musa and Party Leader Francis Fonseca.

(More coming in The Reporter’s Thursday edition)

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