Hand in Hand Ministries in need of a helping hand

Hand in Hand Ministries, a non-government charitable organization that engages in helping primarily less fortunate children who are sick,  is appealing for  the public’s support to transition through a challenging phase.

The building where for a number of years , it has operated a Resource Centre for impoverished children from the south side of Belize City who are infected with HIV/AIDS,  has been deemed unsafe for use.

The building at the corner of Allenby and West Streets in Belize City belongs to the Belize Council of Churches, but it has deteriorated to a level of disrepair and needs a complete structural overhaul.

The NGO uses the building to care for and give special medication to children for their illnesses during the day, while their parents, often times single mothers, work to provide food for the table.

Faced with the stark reality of not being able to quickly build its own resource centre out of its current funds, Hand in Hand Ministries approached Michael Coye of the Belize Theatre Company and asked  him to put on a series of fundraising events to help their effort.

Mr. Coye and the Theatre Company agreed, and for the past month, have been engaged in late-night rehearsals of “Smile Orange”, a hilarious play written by Trevor Rhone in 1971.

The play will be staged for three nights, the first  performance is at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts on Thursday night, September 27.

The second and third performances will be on Friday and Saturday, September 28 – 29.

Tickets sell for $20 each at the Bliss Centre or at Hand in Hand Ministries office near Holy Redeemer Parish on North Front Street.

Hand in Hand Ministries also runs two other operations: a scholarship program for teenage youths whose financial situation does not allow them to attend high school on their own, and its “Building for Change” Project where it builds homes for needy families, particularly single mothers.

The scholarship program offers financial relief to students living on the south side of Belize City, while the housing project makes available wooden homes to people who own their own land or have access to a piece of land where the home can be placed and used.

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