Hammock bridge being replaced by suspension bridge

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

The historic Hammock bridge, located at Branch Mouth between San Ignacio and Bullet Tree Falls in the Cayo district, is being replaced by a more durable bridge.

The famous Hammock Bridge, which has been in use for a few decades, has faced flooding, wear and tear issues, and was completely washed away once when swift currents gushed past it, sweeping along many of its wooden planks.

Work on the new pedestrian cable bridge will be completed within the next week, following several months of work. The new structure will measure 200 feet in length and 4 feet, 10 inches wide. It was designed to have greater weight capacity; and will also be some 6 feet higher than the Hammock bridge, to cater for flooding situations.

The cable bridge is being installed by contractor, Luis Avella, after the Ministry of Works carried out a limited tender procedure. Avella is currently installing runners on the decking platform and a chain-link railing, as well as aligning the cable suspenders and decking platform.

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