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Guatemalans go to the polls

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

Voter surveys in Guatemala show Jimmy Morales, a former comedian who thinks his country should pursue its claim to Belize, was set to easily win Sunday’s run-off election against former first lady Sandra Torres.

Morales has.kept his campaign on the basis of transparency, accountability and good governance. Torres, who also pledged to tackle corruption, is seen as part of the old political order, which only months ago was toppled when corruption charges against Guatemala’s former President Otto Perez Molina and former Vice President Roxana Baldetti were arrested and jailed.

Morales’manifesto conprised only six pages, dealing with how he might govern. His National Convergence Front (FCN) party stands to win only 11 of 158 seats and some critics have said that Morales
has no program and no team, but Guatemalans have not placed those as priority issues in the wake of the high level of discontent in that country.

Morales has.publicly voiced his view that Guatemala should actively pursue its claim to Belize, referring to the immense resources that Belize has.

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