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Government tackling unemployment in Belize says minister of labour

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

The Government of Belize is taking several steps to address the unemployment rate in Belize, according to Minister of Labour Godwin Hulse.

Hulse, who also chairs the Cabinet Committee on Investment, said this week that GOB is tackling the unemployment rate, which officially stands at 12.1 percent, acceding to the Statistical Institute of Belize, though investing in human capital, encouraging entrepreneurship and working with foreign investors to create employment opportunities for Belizeans.

“We have thousands of students coming out of University every year, and while they might have some academics they may not be ready for work, Hulse said. “So we have trainings being facilitated through BELTRAIDE to give them that extra preparation.”

He went on to say that Belize has numerous programs, many of them either government funded or supported, which train in entrepreneurship for Belizeans.

He added that the government also has other interventions to help curb unemployment, such as legally requiring foreign investors to hire Belizeans.

The Caribbean Development Bank last month released a report showing that youth in the Caribbean were the most affected globally by unemployment.

In their report, “Youth are our Future: The Imperative of Youth Employment for Sustainable Development”, presented at the final day of the 45th Annual General Meeting of the CDB’s Board of Governors, the bank showed that nearly 25 percent of youth, for the countries which were surveyed, were unemployed.

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