Go Wireless – pioneers in local technological gadgets!

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

It has been around since 2002, initially in the business of wholesaling imports and distribution of Samsung, LG, Motorolla and Nokia phones, with accompanying growing pains, but Go Wireless Direct has redirected its efforts to produce its own gadgets and dares anyone shopping for cellular phones and other trending accessories to visit its retail store before going anywhere else. 

It is not a marketing gimmick, says Vicky Thadhani, owner of the business.  The businessman admits that when he first started out, the lack of knowledge in purchasing accessories and quality assurance resulted in customer dissatisfaction, but he has revamped the Go brand over the last six months. The result has yielded nothing but good business for him and customer satisfaction for buyers, he says. Thadhani says he has been able to take down complaints from 15 percent to less than two percent. “Now I have even opened a complaints section just for that purpose and look in there, that office is almost always empty”, he said.
Thadhani introduced The Reporter to his latest line of Go brand android phones, which feature large touch screens equipeed with the most popular apps available on other brand name phones.  Thadhani explained that Go brand phones are of the same high quality as the Samsung, Motorola and LG phones with a shelf life of up to two years, but costs a fraction of the price of those brands. 

There’s no trick in the sales, he said. He is able to sell the same quality product for much cheaper because he purchases the same software and accessories as popular brands do directly from the manufacturers in China where every other brand purchases from.  And unlike them, he doesn’t have to buy from a series of intermediary salespersons who buy and resell the products.  So for instance, the Go brand that is the equivalent of a Samsung S3, which sells for around $600 at another retailer, sells for $199 at his store, fully equipped with all the high tech features. 

Likewise, high end phones like the Samsung S5 that recently hit the market and sells for around $2000 costs around $400 at Go Wireless.  The most advanced phone in the store, with a 2K LED screen, a 13 megapixel camera, with a 16 gig memory and allows for multitasking, sells for $499.  
Thadhani disassociates himself from other retailers that sell fake or “look alike” brand name phones.  “Why would I invest my money in something that is not good?”, he challenged. In fact, to quell any doubts, the company has a wide-range of its products on display that customers can walk in and inspect for themselves for the capabilities and quality of the devices.  

Still for the skeptic who just must have his/her Samsung, Motorola or LG gadget, Thadhani says Go Wireless still sells those products.  In addition to that, Go Wireless also has a service centre that sells parts and accessories for all types of phones, including brand name phones.  

The retail store is located at mile three on the Philip Goldson Highway. In 2009 the business branched off into manufacturing its own brand and retailing its products. It also sells laptops, tablets, headphones and other gadgets.

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