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German Shepherd mauls boy he knows

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

A German Shepherd breed dog mauled a six year-old boy who he knew very well and who used to play with and feed him.

The incident happened around 10 a.m. on Thursday in the yard where the boy’s family lives in the San Lorenzo housing layout in Orange Walk Town.

Reports are that the  boy, Fernando Quixchan, was about to feed another dog in the yard when the German Shepherd, named Stitch, apparently grew angry and attacked him and bit him about the face and head, requiring close to 90 stitches to close the facial wound.

The dog owner, Aldo Chata, who is also the landlord,  also lives in the yard, but he was not at home at the time and the dog somehow broke loose from his chain. The dog also charged at the boy’s little sister but their mother defended her children with a piece of stick and the little girl was not wounded.

Police will take action as soon as the mother files a report of the incident,  but for the time being, they have relocated the dog to another residence.

Chata, meanwhile has said he is willing to pay the boy’s medical bill.

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