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George Price Highway claims two lives

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

Two men are dead and a third is critically wounded in the KHMH following a road traffic accident near mile 46 on the George Price Highway just before 3 p.m. on Friday afternoon.

The deceased are Ismael Hoare, 35, and Orlando Pascacio, 20, two Ministry of Works’ employees, while the injured is Lito Serano, an employee of Madisco.

Reports are that Hoare was driving a small white car towards Belmopan, accompanied by Pascacio, Jr., while Serano was heading in the opposite direction in a delivery truck belonging to his employer.

Police say that investigations show that Hoare lost control of the car and slammed head on into the delivery truck. He and Pascacio suffered severe head and body injuries and died on impact, while Serano, who was trapped behind the truck’s steering wheel, had to be cut out of the vehicle before he was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital and then the K.H.M.H. eith badly broken legs.

(Pic courtesy Louis Wade, Jr.)

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