Genesis Arts pioneers yet again

geGenesis Agendas, best know for its promotion of all things Belizean, is now making strides on the Mexican market.

Known as “La Agenda Genesis México,” the new agendas set out to do what it did for the Belizean market ten years ago – create and offer a truly Belizean and useful product that promotes culture and history.

The new agenda is user friendly and makes use of colorful images depicting the Mexican way of life and culture. Images showcasing the beauty of Mexico – from the urban lights and breathtaking monuments of its capital Mexico City, to the more relaxed, beautiful beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula, to the deeply historic, antique churches of Merida –  are sure to have wide appeal.

Each agenda is bound in leather and is superbly crafted. Its aesthetics appeal to most discerning tastes, as it comes in a variety of vibrant colors with the emblem emblazoned on the cover. Historical and cultural images were carefully selected to grace the pages of every agenda.  It is truly a product of which all Belize and Mexico can be proud.

Michelle Rudon,  explained that her company, Genesis Arts, created the first agenda a decade ago when her family brainstormed to create an authentic Belizean product. The result was a tribute to the jewel.

“We needed something which would highlight everything which makes Belize unique, from our many different cultures living in harmony, to our unique, breathtaking landscapes, to our land rich with wealth realized and untold. It was our dream to promote Belize at home and abroad allowing others to experience, if at least second-hand, the beauty and exquisite nature of our home, our Belize,” Michelle recalled.

“Our Agendas have always been produced with utmost pride and care. They are a gift to all Belize and now, to Mexico, and  to everyone who purchases one of them.”

The agenda also acts as a marketing tool since  it offers full color ads, which allow businesses to boost sales on a national and international level.

Seen and used on a daily basis, advertising dollars go the extra mile. And for companies looking for a one-of-kind, end of year promotional item, the agendas can also be personalized with company logos on the covers – at no extra charge – with an order of 60 or more agendas.

Rudon sees the Mexican agenda as a natural next step in the growth of the Genesis Agendas as the gap with neighboring Mexico is bridged.  Representatives in Merida and Mexico City are on stand by to take orders, and people wishing to purchase this agenda may do so by calling in or e-mailing the main office at 223-2448 or [email protected]

A sneak peak at the full and pocket sized versions of the agendas will be available on the Genesis website within the next month.

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