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Fourteenth manatee killed in boating collision for 2014

By Alexis R. Milan

A boating collision with annother adult manatee has resulted in the animal’s death.

According to Jamal Galves, program director for the Manatee Conservation Project, they received an alert on Friday morning that a manatee was killed and floated up into the harbour at the Port Authority of Belize.

Workers on the compound spotted the dead animal and they said they saw a calf along with the carcas in the area.

The manatee rescue crew arrived at the Port around 10:30 a.m. and along with help from the Belize Coast Guard, they tried to lure the calf into a net and take it to safety. According to Galves, the crew spent hours trying to locate and retrieve the living manatee but after hours they could not locate it.

Galves indicated that after examining the body of the dead manatee, it showed obvious signs of collision with a boat and had several chop wounds to the body. Galves said that one peculiar observation was that the manatee corpse was a male and that a calf travelling with male adults is not typical. Galves added that due to the fact that manatees could hold their breath for long periods of time before getting away he was led to believe that the other manatee was not a calf.

Galves estimated this latest manatee-boat-collision incident to be the 14th such for the year and the 24th manatee body to wash up.

Galves advises boat captains and crew to be cautious on the water and look for signs such a siltation in the water as an indication of manatee presence.

Galves also noted that the Sea 2 Shore Alliance is organizing a fund-raising activity in the form of a moon-light cruise on August 29th and that they wanted people to enjoy themselves while supporting a much needed cause.

The cruise will leave the Radisson dock at 7 p.m. and will return at 10 p.m. Entertainment and drinks will be available on the cruise as well. Tickets are on sale for $10 at Cellular World.

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