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Flood mitigation project completed in Toledo

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

Following a six-week project in Toledo to improve drainage in flood-prone areas, the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) has completed the work.

On Friday, NEMO Minister, Edmund Castro conducted a working tour of the work, accompanied NEMO Toledo District Coordinator, Kenton Parham and Assistant Coordinator Dennis Williams.

Some of the areas where work was carried out include: Hopeville, Magoon Area, Cattle Landing, Jacintoville and some parts of Punta Gorda.

The work was part NEMO’s countrywide Flood Mitigation Program. Similar projects have been carried out in Rural Belize, Corozal and the Cayo districts, including San Ignacio and Bullet Tree, which were also recently affected by severe flooding.

NEMO says that this coming week, flood mitigation work will commence in villages the Stann Creek, including Red Bank, Sarawee and Hope Creek.

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