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FCIB employees protest, dressed in black

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

About 60 employees of the First Caribbean International Bank (FCIB) protested in front of their place of employment in Belize City and Belmopan on Friday, in their ongoing plight to try to get reasonable exit packages from their employer before the bank closes for business in Belize.

The employees, all dressed in black, circled around the median which divides the Albert Street taxi stand and the street itself, walking past the bank, bearing placards amplifying their situation.

The protest followed a meeting just over week ago between the bank and the Christian Workers Union (CWU), whose role is to secure the best exit packages for the employees. That meeting was facilitated by the Labour Department.

While Labour Commissioner, Ivan Williams, had explained following that meeting that the last meeting was “productive”, the Reporter has received unofficial reports that the employees “are concerned with the length of time the process has taken and want to keep the matter current.”

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