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Fareed Ahmad was shot by someone inside his vehicle, police say

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

Fareed Ahmad, the barber who was shot dead inside his SUV in Hattieville early Thursday morning was likely shot by someone who was inside the vehicle, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams says.

Williams gave the details of the murder at a press briefing today at the Raccoon Street police station in Belize City. He said that Ahmad’s gun, which his family believes was in the vehicle, is still missing. The other gun, assigned to Special Assignment Team (SAT) woman police constable, Michelle Brown, was discovered wedged in a portion of the vehicle when it was cut apart for a further search. Williams explained that the gun was most likely wedged in that section of the vehicle when the SUV crashed into a fence moments after Ahmad was shot.

Brown, who is the police’s main suspect in the murder, has been under observation under police guard at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. She was found inside Ahmad’s vehicle along with him soon after the killing. She has complained of pain, but at no specific area of her body and xrays have shown no broken bones or sign of any serious injury, Williams said.

Notably, Ahmad had made a complaint on Monday that he was detained by the same SAT of which Brown is a member. He conveyed that he did not think it was necessary for the SAT members to handcuff him to transport him to Belize City for questioning.

Ahmad and his family have been the subjects of police scrutiny on suspicion of connections to the ISIS. That has never been proven, however.

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