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Family of 9 receives home from Oasis Ministry

By Ingrid Fernandez, Staff Reporter

A family, on the verge of being evicted, received a new home from Oasis Ministry, providing stability to the seven children in the family.

Oasis Ministry built a house for the Flowers family after the oldest girl in the family, Chelsea, wrote a letter to them stating that they were being evicted. The family had been renting and the landlord had given them notice to vacate the house.

Pastor Ron Braaten expressed that many people in Unitedville are struggling with housing, which bids the children in the families unstable. “It is a big relief for families when they own their own home”, he stated.

That is why when the Flowers family found themselves on the brinks of homelessness, Braaten brought together the people and the necessary resources to build the wooden structure, valued at $12,000, excluding labor.

Teams from different churches in the United States travel regularly to Belize to build homes and help out at schools. The team that built the Flowers’ home is from “Straight of Joy” church in Northern California.

Braaten said that over the past ten years, Oasis Ministry has built 94 houses for families in the village, including single mothers and non-members of the church. Braaten stated that over the years, he has taught young men in the village to build houses and train them this way to earn a living and develop work ethics.

The Ministry is also actively involved in refurbishing classrooms, libraries and playgrounds. In the coming week, Braaten shared that the Ministry will refurnish classrooms in Blackman Eddy village and Unitedville as well as two libraries and a playground. 

Braaten expressed that Oasis Ministry chooses unconventionally, to get involved in serving the community because it is important for every church to manifest a preached love for God in action.  “If we are just going to worship and not care about people we are not doing what Jesus wanted us to do. As the Church, if we are not doing that I think we are failing our responsibility. I think the church has to be proactive and meet the needs of the community,” he said.

Braaten expressed that the Ministry is happy to provide the stability a home brings to a family. He emphasized that although he hopes to recruit people by providing a home, giving comes free of attachments and the family is not required to join the church.

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