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Family of 14 homeless after fire destroys their house

By Ingrid Fernandez, Staff Reporter

A fire at around 9:30 p.m. on Boots Crescent in the Port Loyola area on Thursday consumed a mobile home where 14 people lived and now the family is asking the public for assistance to get back on their feet. 

Shirley Flowers, 31, speaking for the extended family of three sisters, expressed her shock at the unfortunate event and uncertain times facing her family. 

She stated that the fire started when one of the girls in the family dropped a candle on a queen sized mattress. The fire quickly inflamed and engulfed the room and spread throughout the living room.

The family ran out of the house and could not save much of anything, except for a few small items that were around. The mobile home was given to the family 21 years ago through government assistance and sheltered 14 members, ranging from ages 31 to two years old. They have been living in the three bedroom home for 18 years.

The children of the family are uncertain whether they will be able to go back to school because the fire destroyed their school books and uniforms. 

Flowers, a seamstress by profession, earns $98.00 a week. She said that the family has reached out to their area representative, Minister Anthony “Boots” Martinez, but have not had any response from Martinez. The other adult members of the family work as janitors. The Fire department has issued a form for the family to ask for assistance from the Human Development Department. 

The family is reaching out to the public for any assistance that can be provided to them. “I am still in shock, this is the lowest I have reached in life, I have been crying all night, I have my children them, but we lost everything”, said Flowers emphatically.

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