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Family Day at Bottonwood Bay hosted by Kareem Musa

By Ingrid Fernandez, Staff Reportee

With the intent of bringing the residents of Caribbean Shores together, Area Representative, Kareem Musa hosted a family day with fun activities on Saturday. 

Musa stated that he is an avid believer in the family nucleus being the stronghold of the society. He said the family is essentially influential for a child’s upbringing. And to secure the well being and guidance of the upcoming generation, the family must become a central focus. He intends to highlight the family and community in his activities.

Several activities took place at the family day which catered to the entire family. In his capacity of attorney, Musa understands the need and benefits of legal aid for families. Therefore, attorneys Kevin Arthurs and Wayne Piper were present to offer legal aid services. 

Health Care is also a priority for the young politician and he had nurses offering their services for participants at the event. 

Thw children enjoyed a variety of games such as egg hunt, sack race, balloon toss and watermelon eating competition. Youngsters joined Musa in friendly basket ball games.

Party Leader Johnny Briceno was in attendance at the Family Day to support the residents of Caribbean Shores. 

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