Family convinced that newborn was placed in morgue alive, doctor says that is likely occurrence

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

While the Ministry of Health has concluded that the procedural information following the birth of a baby boy on Saturday, June 17th at the Western Regional Hospital suggests the child was stillborn, a medical doctor has told The Reporter that it is likely that the child was still alive when he was placed in the morgue and that he died there.

Yolanda Molina, the grandmother of Baby Zayden, came public after she claimed, with supporting pictures, that the positions that the baby was in when wrapped, taped and placed in the morgue differed from when the child was taken out.

Molina said noticed the change in position when she picked up the baby three days later for burial.

She said that the baby went in with his two hands at his side and when they picked him up, his left hand covered his eye and one of his feet “was up like when the baby is crying.”
She added that when the baby was born the doctor on duty told her that the child didn’t make it and pronounced him dead.

One medical professional confirmed to The Reporter confirmed that it is impossible for corpses to “shift” after death.

The doctor, who works in the public service and who requested anonymity, said that there is no process at death that allows for movement of shifting of body parts, hence the only likelihood was that the child was still alive when he was placed in the morgue.

Despite the Ministry’s conclusion, the family has not yet indicated if they will pursue the matter legally, but Molina says that her 17-year-old daughter, the mother of the child, is taking the loss of her newborn very hard.

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