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Faber calls out teachers for PSE results

By Alexis R. Milan, Staff Reporter

Minister of Education, Patrick Faber has blamed inadequate teachers for disappointing Primary School Examination (PSE) results which were released on Thursday. “If you look at the entire situation, we need to be equipping our children with the best teachers, and those teachers need to get aboard in terms of the training, so yes a good deal of the blame at the end of the day has to be placed on the shoulders of teachers,” Faber said.

Faber said that we would not see results in the classroom as long as
there are teachers who are not passionate about teaching and don’t
possess all the proper qualifications. “The children don’t know how to do math because the teachers don’t know how to do math,” Faber criticized, citing consistently poor PSE math scores.

Faber also called out teachers who have refused to do additional
training to improve in their profession because the government has
provided them with the opportunity, he said. He added that many
teachers end up qualified for pensions without ever having been
properly trained.

Furthermore, the education minister said that it is a very serious issue which would have to take a collective effort from teachers, parents and the Ministry to correct. Recent PSE results indicated a decline in Math and Social Studies scores, while English scores remained virtually the same. There was some improvement in this year’s Science scores.

The overall performance in English this year was 60 percent, while, for math, the national mean score was 52 percent. Students’ performance in social studies was 60 percent overall and for science, the overall average was 70.6 percent.

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