Eleven-year-old motivational speaker receives key to the city

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

Mayor Darrell Bradley presented eleven-year-old motivational speaker Anthony Gill with the key to Belize City at a ceremony held at City Hall on Monday.

Bradley said Gill has been doing great inspirational work with youths in Belize and in the United States and said Gill’s message has been compared to that of American civil rights activist, Dr. Martin Luther King.
Bradley said it was remarkable that an eleven-year-old could deliver such a powerful message on topics ranging from racism and discrimination to contemporary music. Bradley said Anthony Gill’s message was very much relevant in Belize.

Bradley also thanked Anthony for his recent motivational work with Belize City youths during his recent visit and said it was heart-warming that such a vibrant young leader is of Belizean heritage.
Bradley added that he along with the other Councillors and City Council staff were very excited to meet with the young motivational speaker and invited him to return in the future and give them a motivational speech.

“We could all use your words of wisdom,” Bradley told him..
The Mayor presented Gill with the key to Belize City as well as a gift and then introduced him to CitCo staff and Councillors.

Anthony said he felt proud and inspired by Mayor Bradley and the City Council and added that he was honoured to have received the key to the City.
Anthony Gill observed that Belizean youths have been really receptive to his message and said the Belizean youth are a lot like those in the US.

During his last visit to Belize he spoke at St. Luke’s primary school on the topic of bullying and said he was pleased to see an anti-bullying sign in the school during his visit this time.

Gill said he reaches out not only to youths but also to older people and added that his message about leadership is for everyone.

Anthony Gill has been giving motivational speeches and doing outreach work in Southern California speaking out against child abuse, neglect, obesity, racism, discrimination, and bullying.

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