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Education Minister says Ahmadiyyah Muslims’ model for peace is inspiration to Belize

Belize’s Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, has said that the Ahmadiyyah Muslim community is an inspiration to Belize for its model on world peace, and thanked the community for that commendable effort. The Minister was speaking on the occasion of the 49th Annual International Conference of the Ahmadiyyah Muslim Association (Jalsa Salana) at Oak Farms, Alton area, London England on Saturday afternoon.

“After learning of the ideals of the Ahmadiyyah Muslims and of the ideals of His Holiness, The Promised Messiah, I was pleased to accept the invitation to Jalsa Salana 2015 … We place on record our admiration for your work on tolerance, peace and justice.”

With its slogan, “Love for All, Hatred for None”, the Ahmadiyyah Muslim community has been known for its promotion of peace and international brotherhood, its charitable work of building schools and health centres across the world, and for being among the first to respond in times of disaster to those who need.

In light of Belize’s territorial dispute with Guatemala, the Education Minister also spoke of the significant influence that the Ahmadiyyah Muslims’ efforts towards peace have on our country.

“You are a particular inspiration since your model of seeking peaceful solutions to disputes, instead of war and terrorism and vengeance, resonates loudly with the Belizean people.”

Minister Faber also expressed his hope that Belize, having become the 206th country to have Ahmadiyyah representation and membership in 2014, its flag will be flown at the yearly conference among those of the 207 countries in which the movement is present. The community assured that the flag will be flown at next year’s conference.

“We do wish for that flag to be flown and flown proudly in association with the Ahmadiyyah Muslim community because your principles are so very much in line with what it is we aspire towards in Belize.”

The community assured that the Belizeean flag will be flown at next year’s conference.

Ahmadiyyah Muslims have different beliefs from the major Muslim sects, the Shiites and the Sunnis, about the teachings of Prophet Mohammed. Their major split is over how leadership of Islam should be determined, and their belief that a 19th century man named Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was the Messiah who was to come at the end of times. They claim that a lot of the prophecies in the Bible and their Qur’an have come to pass.

The conference will end on Sunday evening after the Leader or “Khalifah” Ahmadiyyah Muslims, His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, meets with Minister Faber and Belizean Reporter at the event, Marion Ali.

On a sidenote, we will also have a full exchange with Belize’s High Commission to the United Kingdom, Perla Perdomo, on Britain’s stance regarding the recent incidents between Belize and Guatemala, as well as areas of assistance/cooperation that the UK offers to Belize.

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