Destra loses negligence lawsuit

By Benjamin Flowers

Trinidadian Soca superstar, Destra Garcia, owes over $16,000 in damages after she lost a negligence lawsuit in the Belize Supreme Court for injuries she caused to Fernando Oliva at a concert in 2015.

Oliva’s attorney, Steve Perrera, explained that the Supreme Court of Belize ruled that Destra’s negligence led to Oliva’s injuries, and that she would have to pay a total of $16,577. He added that he is working with attorneys in Trinidad to get the judgement enforced in their jurisdiction.

It is unknown whether or not Destra will appeal the case in the Belize Supreme Court, as is her right. The case also comes with logistical issues if Perrera manages to get the judgement enforced in Trinidad.

Amateur video footage from the Carnival Overload concert in September 2015, showed Garcia prompting Oliva to lie down on stage, while she sang and danced on him (a usual routine for a Destra live performance).

Oliva was seen repeatedly interrupting Destra’s performance by making sexual gestures at her, for which she had to continually tell him to “keep still.”

Eventually, Destra leaped into the air lading on Oliva’s torso, rupturing his spleen. He was visibly in pain upon impact but got up immediately after and continued dancing when Destra noticed that there was fluid leaking from the front of his pants. Oliva had to receive emergency medical attention immediately after.

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