Dental services being offered to the public

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

The Ministry of Health and the Belize Dental Department, in collaboration with the Hiossen Implant Company, will conduct a dental implant course next week, providing training for professionals and services to patients.
The training course with the Hiossen Implant Company will run from October 12th to the 17th. The first day of the course will be strictly theoretical and the rest of the course will be practical for dental practitioners. The training will take place at the Central Regional Conference room.

Members of the public interested in accessing the dental services being provided are advised to contact Dr. Raphael Samos at 610-1119 or any government dental surgeon to schedule an appointment. The Ministry also said space is limited so patients will be selected on a first-come, first-serve basis.

All patients selected will have to get an impression and a panoramic x-ray in order to qualify. They will be responsible to pay for their own crowns and bridges. The screening process for those who qualify will end on the 10th.
The activities are being carried out as part of the Dental Department’s mandate. The Department said it embraces this event with open arms as it continues to instill a high-level of dental education for Belize Government Dental Surgeons.

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