Delta Airlines’s new service: a direct flight from LA to Belize

By Alexis R. Milan Staff Reporter
The reception committee from the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) and other concern parties were in place when Delta Flight #N3F8NW landed at the PGIA on Saturday, December 21, around 7:30 a.m. with its 150 passengers, on its inaugural, no-stop red-eye flight from Los Angeles.
As the Delta airbus taxied in to the PGIA, the full traditional regalia were rolled out. The aircraft was sprayed with water, courtesy of the Airport Fire Service, and a section of the airport’s departure lounge was taken over for the brief inaugural ceremony.
Some of the passengers coming off the plane were observed clutching onto their inaugural certificate.
And as the plane’s crew walked up to where members of the BTB staff were on hand to welcome them, wreaths were placed around the neck of the crew.
Minister of Tourism Manuel Heredia Jr., in welcoming the initiative by Delta Airlines, told the gathering that there are many thousands of Belizeans living in the Los Angeles area who will now be able to fly home directly.
The minister added the direct flight from Los Angeles to Belize would benefit the industry in Belize, and would also connect the big Asian market to Los Angeles, so that would be another step closer for Asians to come to Belize.
According to the minister, the new flight was made possible through the Airline Development Committee, which invites airlines to make flights to Belize and to connect through the country.
Delta’s Regional Manager for the Caribbean, Maria Fernando Price, explained that Belize is an important location in Central America.
Price said that the new flight is the result of having worked diligently with the Belizean Tourism Board in New York.
Price added that the flight is the result of the acceptance and support that Delta received from the country and the Government of Belize.
The flight from Los Angeles to Belize took four and a half hours.

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