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Days of Healing goes to Orange Walk

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

Residents of the Orange Walk community known as “Backa Town” gathered on Saturday with other residents throughout the district for a Day of Healing.

The initiative, hosted by Perry “Stix” Smith, is a day where community members gather for sporting activities, positive messages, good food and drinks (non-alcoholic). On this, its 42nd event, the Orange Walk Days of Healing was held in the Louisiana Field, in Orange Walk Town.

Smith explained that members from the Orange Walk community had seen a Day of Healing in Belize City, and asked that it be held in that district, due to an increasing concern about violent crimes.

“No district is exempt from it,” Stix said. “Orange Walk is certainly no stranger to violence. In fact, the place used to be called ‘Rambo Town.’ So, we wanted to come out here and bring positive energy and a message of unity to the people out here,” Smith said.

The event had a series of football games, lime and spoon race, sack race, and other traditional games played in Belize. Smith, through donations from various private sector sponsors, managed to secure trophies for the winning teams.

The initiative started in 2013, after the quadruple murder on Dean Street left the community members in fear. Members of the neighbourhood banded together to try and restore a level of sobriety for the residents. Having participated in the event, Smith decided to take it into other neighbourhoods, that were experiencing surges of gang violence.

Smith has hosted Days of Healing in neighbourhoods such as Jane Usher Boulevard, Pinks Alley, Victoria Street, Mahogany Street, Faber’s Road and even in Hattieville and Gales Point Manatee Village.

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