CXC Students won’t have to pay exam fee

By Benjamin Flowers
Staff Reporter

The Minister of Education, Patrick Faber said this week that his ministry will pay for all students who applied for government aid for their Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) exam also known as CXC.

At a press conference on Monday Faber explained that even though around half of the 640 applicants had originally been screened out, the Ministry has decided to pay for those applicants as well.

He explained that the government will pay for up to six subjects per student and rationalized the arrangement by noting that six CXC exam passes will qualify students for a tertiary-level tuition scholarship.
Faber added that he hopes that schools will either reimburse or re-direct the funds which some students have already paid for their CXC examinations.

In his New Year’s message, Prime Minister Dean Barrow indicated that GOB would assist with CXC examination expenses. He confirmed in his National Budget proposals in March that funds had been set aside for this purpose.

The Department of Human Services conducted surveys throughout this year to ensure which applicants were truly in need of aid.

To ensure maximum impact the ministry also extended the original deadline for applications to Friday November 21, so that payments could still be made to the Caribbean Examinations Council by December 12. .

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