Culture is the key to better bilateral relations, says Cuban Ambassador

By Benjamin Flowers
Staff Reporter

Since her arrival in Belize, Ambassador Extraordinaire and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Cuba to Belize, Her Excellency Lissette Perez, has been touring the country with the intent of strengthening bilateral relations.
Perez explained that the tours have been largely to familiarize herself with Belize, and the state of the various cooperation agreements that the countries share, such as sports, education and medicine.

Perez said that Belize’s rich diversity with culture will play an integral role in strengthening bi-lateral relations during the rest of the year, as the Cuban embassy prepares to take part in many of Belize’s cultural events.

“We are not focusing on making any new events for this year,” Perez said. “We will be a part of your events, bringing some manifestation of our culture. I believe that knowing each other better is the recipe for better bi-lateral relations, and cultural exchange is one of the best ways to do that.”
Perez said that Cuba already participates in the annual Jazz Fest, and is looking for ways to participate in events such as Costa Maya and the Carnival in September.

As a part of her tour, Perez will also meet with members of the Cuban medical corps, who are posted throughout Belize, for an update on the status of their medical mission. Currently, Belize has over 70 Cuban doctors stationed countrywide, though the cooperation arrangement with Cuba.

Ambassador Perez also paid a courtesy visit to the Reporter Press and met with Publisher, Harry Lawrence to discuss ways to partner with the media to further Cuba’s diplomatic presence in the country.

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