Creativity pays off at Kite Festival

kiteAlmost 40 kite-builders of all ages came away winners at the second annual Coca Cola Kite Festival held in conjunction with Ben the Builder on the Newtown Promenade on Sunday, March 10.
Prizes were awarded in 13 categories: five junior and eight senior categories. Among the juniors, first prize was $100, second was $50 and third prize was $25. Young Shakir Gabourel won the $100 first prize for the Best Moonie kite, while Ernest Good claimed the $50 second prize and Charles Coote took home the $25 third prize.
Ryan Davis also won the first prize for Best singer, while Rodwell Geban won the second prize and Clayshaun Lewis of Holy Redeemer RC School won third prize.
Kenyon Plunket won the first prize for Best Starry kite, while Nelson Tablada took second prize and Stephan Diego claimed the third prize. Deneil Martinez won the first prize for the Most Creative design, while Steven Silvestre took second prize and Jermaine Garnett won third.
Freddy Carrera had won a prize last year, and he returned to capture the first prize for the best “Ben the Builder” kite, while Cardinal Beaton took home the second prize.
Senior kite builders won $125 for first prize, while second place winners won $75 and third prizes were $50. Kareem Tucker won the first prize for Best Moonie, while Derrol Adolphus claimed second prize and Justin Franklin took third.
The judges decided Keith Franklin had built the Best Singer kite, while Jody Adolphus took second prize and William Leiva won third. Leopold Smart was quite starry-eyed as he claimed his $125 prize for Best Starry kite, while Cleon Barrow won second prize and Carlos Peters took home third.
Fernando Patterson has the Best Box kite, while Carlos Santos took second prize and Derrick Anderson won third. Nigel Barrow won first prize for the Best Coca-Cola kite, while Nancy Rodriguez took second prize and Terrick Garbutt claimed third.
The prizes for the Largest kite, Most Creative design and Best “Ben the Builder” kite were even more generous: $150 for first, $100 for second and $75 for third. Zane McKoy had built the largest kite, which was even bigger than him! The struts were an inch and half wide bamboo slats, and he’d covered the entire frame with plastic sheeting to which he then glued the kite paper in a colorful mosaic pattern, well worth of his $150 first prize. Egbert Muschamp had also built a large kite, good enough to capture the $100 second prize, while Anfernee Brooks of Nazarene High School claimed the $75 third prize.
Abel Martinez was voted to have the Most Creative design with Robert Goff taking second and Eric Chee – third. Emmanuel Stephen won first prize for the “Ben the Builder” kite, while Tyler Garbutt took second prize and Kareem Foreman won third.

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