Corned beef ban lifted

By Michelle Sutherland


The temporary ban which was placed on corned Beef products imported from Brazil have been officially lifted by the Belize Agriculture Health Authority(BAHA) along with the Ministry of Health (MOH).


In a press release dated Monday April 10, 2017 BAHA and MOH confirmed that Belizean consumers can be assured that the imported corned beef are safe for human consumption.


BAHA said that after conducting microbiological testing on collected samples from importers, warehouses, retail shops and supermarkets, there was no detection of pathogens or anything to imply that the products were unsafe, therefore all corned beef which were placed under quarantine will be released from warehouses.


BAHA remains strong in its stance that as previously confirmed in the original report, none of the corned beef imported into Belize originated from any of the Brazilian facilities which was implicated as selling spoiled meats.


There are indications that countries including China, Hong Kong, Chile, Egypt, Barbados, South Korea and Jamaica have since lifted their bans.


The beginning of the controversy took effect on March 23, after it was alleged that several Brazilian meat processing facilities were bribing health safety officials and selling spoiled meat.

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