Controversy over 20,000 woman rally

By Benjamin Flowers Staff Reporter

The Special Envoy for Women and Children Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow said that while she is disappointed at the religious groups who didn’t endorse her office’s 20,000 Women rally, she stands ready to work with churches for women upliftment.
“It is very disappointing that the Roman Catholic Church is attempting to ascribe extraneous motives to this event that is intended simply to honor and uplift women,” Barrow said Wednesday in response to a press release from the Catholic Church the day before.
Bishop of the Catholic Diocese, Rt. Rev. Doric Wright, said this week that the Catholic Church “does not endorse the 20,000 Women’s Rally because the invitation does not speak to the complementary role between men and women as taught to us by Jesus Christ.”
He went on to say that the National Women’s Commission promotes values inconsistent with Christian teachings, including abortion, and homosexuality.
The Bishop did, however, emphasize that he and his church support the women of Belize and their upliftment.
Similarly, Belize Action, a group comprised of several Churches, issued a release of non-endorsement, explaining that their position is not one of adversity to women.
“It’s important in this context that we state clearly that we FULLY SUPPORT efforts to curb ‘inequality between the sexes’ and how that relates to “equal pay for equal work” and the eradication of domestic violence and discrimination against women.
“We’re totally behind those efforts! They always try to twist it to say we’re not supporting these areas, which is simply not true!”
Belize Action’s rationale for their non-endorsement of the rally is that the event signals the implementation of the 2013 national gender Policy, a document which the group has emphatically protested, equating it with a hidden homosexual agenda.

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