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Controversy deepens over who is Queen of the Bay 2017

Ny Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

The controversy has deepened over who is Queen of the Bay 2017, after the National Queen of the Bay Committee says it will still crown Ms Orange Walk, despite an overruling late Saturday night, that Miss Dangriga is the queen.

The September Celebrations Committee issued a press release late Saturday night following a meeting with the National Queen of the Bay Committee, and with the majority of the judges. At the close of that meeting, the September Celebrations Committee, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber, declared Ms Dangriga, Aaliyah Ysaguirre as the winner. That declaration overruled an initial announcement late Friday by the National Queen of the Bay Committee, headed by Zenaida Moya. That decision was that based upon a review by the judges of their scoring on pageant night, Ms Orange Walk, Esmeralda Cal is the true winner.

Despite the overruling late Saturday night by the September Celebrations Committee, reinstating Ms Dangriga as the Queen of the Bay for 2017, the Queen of the Bay Committee maintains that Miss Orange Walk is the winner and that she will be crowned during the Tenth ceremony this morning in Belize City.

In its own press release following the Saturday night meeting, the National Queen of the Bay Committee said that the scores were not changed during an emergency meeting it held with the judges on Friday. The Committee explained that all that was done was a verification of the scores in accordance with pageant rules. It adds that in reviewing the scoring done, the rules of the pageant were clearly violated. It further states that it feels “obligated to ensure that history records the rightful winner.

The coronation ceremony is set to take place at 10:00 this morning at the Memorial Park in Belize City. The Reporter will continue to follow the updates on this controversy as they develop.

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