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Conflict erupts between Belizean coast guard and Guatemalan naval officers

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

Conflict erupted between Belizean coast guard personnel and members of the Guatemalan navy on Thursday in Belize’s Sarstoon River.

It happened near Sarstoon Island when the two parties conducting operations in the area encountered each other and the Guatemalans accused the Belizean coast guard personnel of being in Guatemala.

The Guatemalans asked the Belizeans what they were doing there and when they responded that they were in Belize, the situation got testy. The Guatemalans told the Belizeans to leave because they were in Guatemala, but the coast guard outfit  stood their ground.

The Guatemalans left but returned in the afternoon with two vessels, again warning the Belizeans to leave, saying they don’t want any trouble. The Belizeans, however, again held their ground, and after another round of back and forth between the two groups, the Guatemalans left the area.

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