Conch season opens, Fisheries Department advises public to adhere to regulations

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

The conch season officially opened on October 1st and will remain open until June 30th, 2016, or until the National Catch Quota is realized.
The Fisheries Administrator, Beverly Wade has also advised fishermen and the wider public to be mindful of the regulations of the season. The season has a specified closing date to prevent overfishing of the species.

The Fisheries Department also reminds the public that no person or establishment is permitted to have diced conch meat. The market clean conch meat and fillet conch meat weight should exceed three ounces and 2.75 ounces, respectively. Fishermen are also reminded that the Queen conch shell length should exceed seven inches.

The Department is urging all fishers and responsible citizens to uphold all fisheries regulations. Anyone with information of a fisheries violation is urged to call the Fisheries Department at 224-4552 or 203-2623 or Crime Stoppers at 0-800-922-TIPS.

The Fisheries Department can also be reached at [email protected] The Department assures the pubic that all information communicated to the Department remains confidential.

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