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Community has made a difference in the fight against crime, says Commissioner Whylie

By Ingrid Fernandez, Staff Reporter 

Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie, gave the public its due share of merit in the fight against crime, during the Commanding Officer’s meeting in Belmopan this week. 

Whylie emphasized on the impact and difference that such programs under the Community Policing strategies, specifically the “Meet and Greet” program has had to gain public confidence. 

Whylie has been differentiated from his predecessors for implementing more community-oriented measures that take the police close to the public realm to conduct positive activities, rather than the harsh approach of paramilitary style leadership, implemented under his predecessors. 

Whylie stated that a community-oriented leadership has had an impact on Belize City because as the police visits the people one on one at there homes, they gain their trust and people are willing to cooperate and provide information to the police, which in turn helps the police to resolve crimes. 

Whylie stated that the “Meet and Greet” program also helps the police build a positive image, where the public can see the humanity of the department and not only a law enforcement body. 

“The key to our success is to be on the ground to meet with the various residents of the city, as well as the nation to listen to their concerns and to see how we are able to assist and respond”, said Whylie. 

Whylie stated that although community-oriented programs were in action in previous years, this year it was taken to another level by several dedicated officers who even incorporated the media to expand the benefits of a positive police image. 

“Meet and Greet” programs take place every Wednesday and is an outreach practiced by every Commanding Officer in their specific sub formations.

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