City residents can pay property tax on line

By Alexis R. Milan, Staff Reporter

Belize City residents can now pay property tax and trade license expenses from the comfort of their home or office over the Internet through a partnership between the Belize City Council and the Atlantic Bank.

CitCo announced the launch of its latest on-line service on Wednesday morning. According to Mayor Darrel Bradley, the Council will be marketing this service heavily as these payments account for $9 million worth of CitCo’s yearly revenue and streamlining the process is significant to the Council’s operations.

Bradley said the move is the latest effort to make the City Council more effective and make their services more fluid and accessible. Bradley said they are committed to providing quality services and were happy to partner with Atlantic Bank.

Bradley explained that residents, even those that don’t have an Atlantic Bank account, can pay on-line with any credit card. He also said that the services have expanded so that residents can now make manual payments at any Atlantic Bank branch. Bradley said the transaction would also include a very minimal service fee.

Residents who pay on-line can access the service by visiting the City Council’s website and clicking the “Web” tab and selecting the “Property Tax and Trade on-line payment” option. Residents will then be directed to the log-in screen and will be prompted to enter their customer number and tax number, both of which are located on the original CitCo documents.

Bradley reminded that citizens over 65 years of age may claim for their 25 percent discount on property taxes for their primary residence. This discount is also available on-line.

Bradley said he expected this service to be used much more than their other on-line drivers license renewal service. He expressed his gratitude to the team from CitCo and Atlantic Bank that made the service possible and said there are other on-line services the Council plans to roll out in the next few months.

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