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CitCo distributes land to employees

By Alexis R. Milan, Staff Reporter

The Belize City Council, on Thursday afternoon, held ceremony at the Holy Redeemer Parish Hall, where 207 parcels of land were distributed to CitCo staff who have been employed with the Council for three years or more, to the delight of the employees.

The distribution of the parcels was done in a lottery-style scheme, where names to be assigned to each parcel were deposited on small stubs and picked at random. According to Mayor Darrell Bradley, they decided this was the best route to go to ensure there were no complaints of any special selections.

Bradley said once the names were picked, each recipient will be given the survey for their land along with a receipt for the purchase of the land. CitCo will then submit the names assigned to each parcel to the surveyor who will in turn complete the process with the Lands Department for each employee to receive their title.

Bradley said the gift is part of their benefit package and is a way of showing how much their hard work is valued. He said it is a way to motivate and empower their staff by rewarding years of service and dedication. He added that over the past several years the culture within CitCo has changed and there has been increased productivity throughout the Council.

CitCo spent a total of $60,000 to purchase the 57 acres of land in the Tropical Park area off the George Price highway near mile 14, just outside the Hattiville Village. CitCo was actually able to purchase the 57 acres from the Lands Department for just over $7,000 and the rest of the total was spent on clearing and surveying the land.

The 57 acres were divided into 207, 80 x 100 foot lots and the lottery was held to determine who would get which piece of land.

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