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Cinderella Plaza site for massive dredging

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

Dredging works started this week in the Cinderella Plaza area of Belize City as part of the Ministry of Works’ Flood Mitigation Project.

The project, which is worth $21.5 million, will facilitate extension of an underground canal in the Cinderella Plaza and Baymen Avenue Area.

According to Elias Garcia, foreman of the work crew, the dredging began on February 4th and it will take up to February 13 to finish the section at the plaza.

Under the project, the existing canal which runs under Douglas Jones Street wiil be extended through the Cinderella Plaza into Baymen Avenue and down Calle al Mar out to the sea. This would ensure that streets in the vicinity most affected by flooding are able to avoid severe flooding.

The project also has upgraded the the drainage in the Belama area and is scheduled for more upgrades in Belama phases two and three later this year. The works include building concrete canals and installing proper drainage in the area.

Belize City Mayor, Darrell Bradley has said that the Belize City Council intends to designate the park in that area as a part of the council’s city beautification efforts.

The entire project is estimated to take 10 months, and is being funded by the Inter-American Development Bank, in partnership with the government of Belize.

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